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The Goalpara Municipality is one of the oldest municipality in Assam and its established in the year 1875 and it situated on the southern bank of mighty river of the Brahmaputra. There were some deciding factors for awarding such important status to this municipal board. The mighty river Brahmaputra flowing across the North and West boundary blessed Goalpara to be a fertile agricultural land meeting the demands of its boundary district. The beauty of the town draws many local tourists as well as attracts foreigners also. The Hulukanda Pahar adds another dimension to the beauty and importance of Goalpara in the Map of Assam. The landscape of Goalpara town consists mainly of plan surfaces with little bit of hilly terrain on its eastern side with beels and law lying areas on west part of the town. In numerable abandoned natural channels are dominating the sub- urban landscape. The Hulukanda Hill on the western side is protecting the Goalpara town from the fury and aggression of river Brahmaputra which is more acute in the rainy seasons.

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Goalpara Municipal Board

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Trishna Sarma, ACS

At the very outset, I would like to give my gratitude to all walks of citizens of Goalpara Town as I have taken over the charge of Goalpara Municipality on 9 December, 2021 and giving me the opportunity to serve you. Goalpara Municipality is always trying to develop the scenario of this town as well as to improve the quality of standard of life as well as the livelihood of the people of this Municipality. This is happened when mutual understanding and co-operation between the general people and their administrator is mixed together. As being Executive Officer of this Municipality, I appeal all walks of life to cooperate with me as well as with District Administration to fulfill dreams, implementation of various Scheme which are related to all round development of Goalpara Town area.

Goalpara Municipal Board

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