Goalpara Municipal Board

Executive Officer Massage

Trishna Sarma, ACS

Executive Officer
Goalpara Municipal Board, Goalpara

Respected citizens of Goalpara Town, At the very outset, I would like to give my gratitude to all walks of citizens of Goalpara Town as I have taken over the charge of Goalpara Municipality on 22 September, 2022 and giving me the opportunity to serve you. Goalpara Municipality is always trying to develop the scenario of this town as well as to improve the quality of standard of life as well as the livelihood of the people of this Municipality. This is happened when mutual understanding and co-operation between the general people and their administrator is mixed together. As being Executive Officer of this Municipality, I appeal all walks of life to cooperate with me as well as with District Administration to fulfill dreams, implementation of various Scheme which are related to all round development of Goalpara Town area. Without having your kind cooperation it is not possible to achieve our goals. That is why, I Ms. Shanta arki Chhetri, ACS, would like to request as a Executive Officer of this Municipality that all walks of life would help me in making all round development of Goalpara Town. So that, this town can be said as a one of the most prosperous and developing town in the State. I am very much glad to inform you as being Executive Officer of this Municipality, I have a dream to serve you throughout various developmental schemes and to implement them in proper way so that tax payer people will get the maximum benefit from this Municipality. I will try at my level best to give maximum service to the people of this Municipality. So that they can feel and enjoy a better and improved life. Last but not least, I as a Executive Officer of this Municipality is giving my gratefulness to all walks of life of this Municipality with assurance that I will discharge my duty during my tenure at my level best. And all the peoples of this Municipality are requested to inform about any faults and misdeed of this Office immediately to me. Your kind suggestion is most welcome so that we can make Goalpara Town as clean, green, healthy and wealthy town and one of the most beautiful town in Assam. Thanking you.